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Pastor Mitch Bradshaw began his pastorate here on January 17, 2016. The Lord blessed with numerous souls being saved and baptisms quickly became the norm every month. Pastor Mitch pastored two churches in Kentucky spanning twenty years and two churches in Ohio spanning twelve years. He received his Doctorate in Theology with an emphasis in Expository Preaching from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His wife Rhonda received her Bachelor degree in Church Leadership and Administration from Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. They have four children and are proud grandparents of seven grandchildren and another on the way.  Pastor Bradshaw is a ventriloquist and enjoys using his friend Freckles along with others to minister to children. Pastor Mitch received the Excellence in Leadership award from the Kentucky Baptist Convention for leading the state in baptisms in a mission while serving as chaplain in the state prison in Bell County, Kentucky. Pastor Bradshaw has served in missions in Russia, Israel, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador.

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